Why are my colours outputting so differently in Illustrator

Despite trying various colour profiles across Illustrator and CS5 I seem to keep running into save for web, export and screen-grabs (used as a more accurate last resort) issues where the colours I’m designing in output dramatically differently on each.

Obviously showing clients work, where the colours are far removed from my initial work, is off putting.

Any ideas on why, and ideally, how to fix it would be greatly appreciated.

Info: iMac – CS5 mostly (CS6 is the same) running Lion although I doubt this matters. Also, sRGB and AdobeRGB makes no difference.


Do you save as a PNG? If your color inconsistency is solely in a browser it may be due to gamma correction. You could try and compress your PNG and remove all colourspace information from your PNG. You can read more about The Sad Story of PNG Gamma “Correction”

Source : Link , Question Author : Jules , Answer Author : Community

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