Why are pixels not the same from Photoshop to Illustrator? [duplicate]

I’m so confused! I’m sure I’m missing something very simple. But when I create a new file in Photoshop that 320x240px at 300ppi then save that out as a JPEG and try to place onto an Illustrator artboard that is also set up at 320x240px at 300ppi the image I’m placing is half the size. Aren’t they supposed to be the same size? What am I missing?


You have to take into account two things:

  • Illustrator was originally built for print, not screen design.
  • Illustrator canvas is shown and measured at 72dpi.

What does this mean? It means that:

  • If this is for print (I guess, hence the 300dpi) you should create your Illustrator document in a physical size: mm, cm, in.
  • If this is for screen, do create your illustrator document in pixels BUT prepare your image assets in photoshop at 72dpi.

320x240px @ 300dpi equal roughly 27x20mm. Try creating an illustrator doc with those physical dimensions and try placing your image again, see what happens.

Source : Link , Question Author : Lexington , Answer Author : MrMerrick

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