Why are slices in Sketch Important?

I understand that this a noob question; I am about to import my Sketch design into Zeplin.io and I am being told that I should have slices created for my assets. I have created symbols for my icons that have a rounded pixel value for spacing. Why would I need to now create slices for the assets in my project?

I am told that I should create slices for an easy integration for development; but this seems a little redundant.


You need to create slices to tell whatever software you’re using what is an asset and what not.

Having a symbol doesn’t necessarily mean it’s an asset, a symbol could be anything from a product tile to a line of text. Your software can’t magically tell what you think is an asset and what not, and exporting every layer is not only redundant but doesn’t always lead to the needed result.

Source : Link , Question Author : Eric , Answer Author : Summer

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