Why aren’t handles showing up when I draw a rectangle, even though I’ve selected Show Bounding Box & Show Edges in Illustrator CC 2014?

I recently reinstalled Illustrator CC 2014 (have been working with it since it’s initial release) and suddenly, my rectangle shapes have no handles – I can’t select and resize with my selection tool. If I draw a circle, I have handles; an octagon, I have handles…it seems to only happen with the rectangles and rounded corner rectangles.

Yes, I have selected Show Edges & Show Bounding Box. I have also figured out that if I turn the rectangle into a path, I see my handles again…

Have restarted several times and uninstalled/reinstalled now twice.

Help? How can I get the handles to show when I create a rectangle in Illustrator?


I contacted Adobe about this issue because I was having the same problem.

They said that in order to use the latest version of CC you need to upgrade your OS (operating system) to 10.9. I am on 10.8.5 which is as high as the OS X Mountain Lion goes. This means that you need to upgrade to the OS X Mavericks, which is currently on 10.9.5.

I have been avoiding moving to Mavericks because it has gotten terrible reviews and I didn’t want to deal with any potential issues. If you would like to stay with Mountain Lion, your option is to reinstall in older version of illustrator.

Good luck!

Source : Link , Question Author : redcreative , Answer Author : Nichooco

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