Why can colors that don’t follow color theory look harmonious? [closed]

I’m a little confused about color theory, I did some studying and research, I understand the concept of color harmony, analogous, complementary etc…should match, but then, some color schemes that don’t meet the criteria look good, why is that?

The colors from image below for instance, the red and the blue seem to match but they are NOT analogous, and NOT complementary, they aren’t triadic either…

Can anybody shed some light on this?enter image description here


T h i s   d o e s   n o t   c o m p u t e .

< h u m a n   m o d e   o n >

Color theory is not about numbers, it is not about angles. Nobody will be around measuring the color angle of the palette used to approve it or not.

It is about taste, about culture, about ambient, about feeling. It is a psychological interpretation, not a numerical one.

We are not machines.

If you are preparing your palette using one of those online tools that prepares automatic color schemes… stop doing it and start watching the design.

< / h u m a n   m o d e   o f f >

Source : Link , Question Author : Bruno Vincent , Answer Author : Rafael

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