Why can I create layers, but not layer groups in the indexed color mode in gimp?

I’m making some pixel art in gimp and I so I figured I should use the indexed color mode since I won’t be using very many colors.

About halfway through my project I realized that I wanted to be able to create layer groups because I want to be able to use tools like move, change perspective, and rotate on a group of layers – rather than on just one layer.

Apparently I can’t create layer groups indexed mode. I understand that I can just revert to RGB mode, or even just link layers together – and I’ll probably do that – but I’m just curious: why can’t I create a layer group in indexed mode?

I’ve looked through the gimp manual and searched for tags here and I can’t seem to find an answer.


It is probably not satisfying, but the actual answer is:

You can’t create a layer group in indexed mode because this has not been implemented in GIMP.

Source : Link , Question Author : Josie Thompson , Answer Author : Michael Schumacher

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