Why does a PNG I downloaded not display transparency in photoshop?

I have been trying to download photos/pictures from the internet and edit them, but whenever I do it the transparent background becomes white. I have tried copy/pasting, which never works. I tried downloading as a PNG and opening it in Photoshop, which works sometimes, but usually does not. I’ve tried downloading it, copying the preview and pasting that into Photoshop, but that does’t work either. All the pictures are transparent in my browser (I use chrome) but when I download them they often don’t maintain their transparency. I know there is a post on this, but none of the answers helped. I am on mac.

Taken on Chrome, you can see the checkered background which indicates transparency.

Opened with Photoshop, you can see the white background is added, not a transparent one.

The first photo shows the image on Chrome, with the transparent background. The second is it in Photoshop, with a white background.

In Google Images setting, I change the background to “transparent” before searching, meaning all the images that come as a result of the search have transparent backgrounds. By searching specifically transparent images, and seeing the checkered background, I am sure the images are transparent. Also, it’s a PNG, which always have the transparent background. If it were a JPEG, it would have a white background.


You need to click the View Image button in google images to get to the actual png file itself. The direct URL to the file is here – this png is definitely transparent. I checked in Photoshop.

Here’s the screenshot
enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : David , Answer Author : Billy Kerr

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