Why does Illustrator CS6 read font information from a SVG file incorrectly?

I have a bunch of SVG files that were created by MagicDraw. In these files, I have several font definitions, e.g.,

<text x="152" space="preserve" font-size="11" y="376.958"
   clip-path="url(#clipPath2)" stroke="none">

So it is clearly defined that the font size should be 11px. However, when I open the file in Illustrator CS6, the font size is now 8,25. How can I fix this?

Thank you!


11px equates to roughly 8.25pt – I reckon you’ve got your Illustrator Units set to pt but expecting it to read the px value.

To change the units Illustrator uses for type go the Edit Menu > Preferences > Units and changed the Type dropdown to Pixels.

Source : Link , Question Author : strauberry , Answer Author : Jackson Hyde

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