Why does InDesign paste my copied image from AI with an unproportional resize frame?

Often when pasting an image into ID copied from AI. It gives me a larger frame than it supposed to. For e.g Normally there would be a rectangular/square frame around the object to resize, however at times this re-size box is way too big. I have to also add that this mainly happens when i have multiple images on an artboard in AI and select just one object. It’s almost as if i have copied a transparent image/s next the one i want. Is this a bug or is there a solution to this problem ?


Several causes spring to mind. You could have some object in Illustrator hidden. It’s still part of a Group or Symbol so it comes along, but since its turned off, the location is making the dimensions larger. Alternatively, it could be a Guide placed in Illustrator. Same deal as any layer — they could be grouped incorrectly and thus come along for the ride. It could also be something to do with Clipping or Compound paths; if what you see is the correct size, the empty space around it could be the constituent paths. Poke around in your Illustrator object and try to clean up the elements.

Alternatively, it could be a stray point. To remove those, try Selection > Object > Stray Points

Source : Link , Question Author : Alexander , Answer Author : scottperezfox

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