Why does my client want her company name confidential, when I post my work on design sites?

One of the clients I’m working with insists that my work with her stays confidential, she doesn’t want her company logo nor their name to be shown on my designs when posted on Behance.

Is it normal or there’s something behind that?

I’m new to freelancing and I worked with her on three projects; and I’m not sure If this is normal, but I really want to publish these works in public.


Some companies are very snobby about who does work for them and for others.
And therefore may not want (with respect) a new, unknown freelancer laying claim to their (potentially big) brand.

Lets say for example IBM had a new logo and brand designed, you would expect them to go to a big, expensive design house in New York. But if it became apparent that one of the office guy’s Mrs did it as a favour, it would make IBM look cheap.

Another reason is that she may be selling this work on in her own name and want all the glory.

Source : Link , Question Author : Abeer Sul , Answer Author : Mast

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