Why does my embedded EPS look pixelated on my Photoshop PDF?

I have a PSD file with an embedded .eps logo. When I export to Photoshop PDF and zoom in, all the text and shapes look very smooth, but the Smart Object .eps ends up not retaining its vector status.

When I double click the .eps smart object in Photoshop, the preview that loads shows me that it clearly is vector (I can zoom very far, and it’ll be smooth).

However when I embed this in Photoshop and export to PDF, no dice. I’ve also tried with .ai and .pdf versions of the logo.

I am using Press Quality on the PDF export settings.



Looks like I found my own answer!

Smart Objects in Photoshop are always rasterized at the resolution of
the Photoshop file. There’s no way to stop it (except to place the AI
logo directly from Illustrator). Yes, I know, it’s sad. It’s type
and vector Photoshop shape layers that can be “saved” at full vector
resolution by saving as Photoshop PDF format.

Source: https://forums.adobe.com/thread/1279902

Source : Link , Question Author : Nick , Answer Author : Nick

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