Why does my Eps file look like an image?

Why my eps (eps 10) file in Adobe AI is not working and it behaves like an image? I can’t change anything. When I look at the layer panel it seems like an image.I deleted the layer of the link file. There was no link picture, I saved it in eps10 after seeing that everything is fine. But the next day I see that the file is not working anymore.
someone can tell why this is so, then I will not make the same mistake.

I have 3 files in the same condition. All of the files were clipping mask.


If you hit CTRL+Y in Illustrator it goes into ‘Outline Mode’ and then, if all you can see at this point is a rectangle with a big X across, then your EPS file is a raster image (a photo), not actual vector shapes.

In which case, yes, making edits is not possible because there would be no actual shapes to edit in Illustrator. Illustrator does not make edits at the pixel level, that would be Photoshop instead.

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Source : Link , Question Author : Proma , Answer Author : Lucian

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