Why does my master page move when the page shuffles left/right?

I am laying out a book in Adobe InDesign.

Context: Since creating the original book document, I have changed the page size from 6×9 to 7×10. All my master pages are of the new size (7×10). (I have a feeling this relates to the problem somehow.) I have page shuffling turned on.

When a page shuffles from left to right or right to left (due to an earlier chapter changing the number of pages), the master page moves — and is now misaligned with the page.

Before shuffle:

Correct alignment

After shuffle — note how the master page no longer overlaps the real page correctly (which messes up a bunch of other things).

If I right click on the page and re-apply the master page, it’s fixed. This is a pretty long document and I can’t do that for all the pages. (I could one time — but doing that every time a page changes is going to cause a lot of issue.)

Incorrect alignment


Added some more screenshots with simpler master page, where nothing is off the page. The same thing happens.

Before shuffle. Note how the master page correctly sits immediately on top of the actual page, with the correct boundaries.
Before shuffle

After shuffle. Note how the master page is now misaligned with the actual page.
After shuffle


You’re items are shifting due to the text and rule you have resting on and off the page.

enter image description here

Note the rule which is off the page bottom and extends to some bleed margin on the right (out of view). If this is a text frame with a paragraph rule applied, and the text is resting on the page, InDesign wants to keep the text on the page.

So when you shuffle pages….

enter image description here

That text frame gets moved to align the rule with the bleed on the left side.

InDesign is maintaining placement based relative to the page bleeds.

In your second set of samples the exact same issue exists. You’ve got objects off the page extending to bleeds. InDesign is merely trying to keep things on the page.

Note that the relative placement of everything else on the page is in alignment with each other. It is this bottom rule which is being adjusted when you shuffle pages, and causing everything else to try and maintain the same relative position to it.

I suspect that bottom rule extends to the right in your first example the exact same distance items are moving to the right when you shuffle pages.

Source : Link , Question Author : Gayle Laakmann McDowell , Answer Author : Scott

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