Why does my shape have a tiny horizontal line?

I need to remove the horizontal bar of an A char so it looks like a V upside down. What I did is: I opened Illustrator and typed the character A, then I clicked “create outlines”. Then I joined bottom left anchor point of the horizontal bar with the top left one and did the same with the other side.

That removes the horizontal bar but it leaves a tiny horizontal line, I tried removing the path left but the line still remains.

tiny horizontal line

Here is the .ai file: http://www.sendspace.com/file/d9je5o

How can I remove the horizontal bar from the A completely without getting that horizontal line?


Your shape is unclosed. With the shape selected, open the Pathfinder panel and click the Unite button.

Pathfinder Pane

Source : Link , Question Author : user13244 , Answer Author : JohnB

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