Why does Photoshop want to save JPEG as quality ’10’ out of 12?

I’m currently editing a bunch of images (JPEGs) and Photoshop keeps wanting to save them as 10/12 instead of 12/12.

Why does it constantly want to save it as 10/12 instead of 12/12? Is there an algorithm that says that 10 is enough for this picture (or all of them)?

Or a bit differently: Should I do 10/12 or 12/12? Yes, quality matters.


Apparently it is a relic from the days of experimentation in the Adobe labs. It is not recommended to use higher than 10 on that scale, it may actually lower the quality of the image or substantially bloat the file size. It would be a welcome change if Adobe removed that experimental extension of the scale.

Source : Link , Question Author : Sander Schaeffer , Answer Author : Community

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