Why does saving low quality JPGs as high quality in Photoshop increase their file size?

I have a low quality background image that is about 85kb. If I open the file in Photoshop and then save it at 100% quality, the file size increases to 640kb. This doesn’t make sense, the image is already compressed, the quality cannot be better than the source, so the 100% quality while saving should produce the file size as the opened file.

The problem is, I have this background and want to add a logo image over it, and then save it. But If I do so, I have to save this with 10% quality, and the logo looks horrible. If I save this to 100% quality, the file size is huge.

How can I achieve this?


Have you tried flattening the image then going to save > save for web? ‘Save for web’ gives you more control over the output size plus lets you see the quality change with each setting.

There are online services such as http://www.smushit.com/ysmush.it/ , which might help squeeze some kb’s out of your images.

Source : Link , Question Author : Alex Angelico , Answer Author : DBUK

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