Why does the spacing become uneven in these shapes after rotation?

Please see the image. The 1st group on top has 3 objects with equal spacing between them. But not aligned vertically.

enter image description here

When I rotated each of them (anchor is in center of each object), the highlighted spacing becomes uneven. Which seemed a little surprising to me, as I’ve never tried such thing.

This doesn’t happen when the objects are aligned vertically.

Is there any explanation for this? And how can I equalize the space without hit and trial?

EDIT: Maybe users are not understanding what output I need. I don’t want to rotate the overall appearance of the collection of those 3 objects. I want to rotate them at their own place, with space between them same. See the 2nd part of image. The rotation is okay but the only thing is wrong is the ueven spacing between them. i.e., I want the 1st and 3rd solids to be vertically aligned at top.

enter image description here


You are looking at a basic geometry and real-world example of the difference between aligning / distributing centroids versus aligning / distributing edges in a non-linear group – it’s not the software – this is just how reality in a Euclidean geometric reference frame works.

Were your lozenges centre-aligned horizontally as well as distributed between centroids, giving each an equal individual rotation would result in equal horizontal spacing; however, as they are aligned centre-top-centre, this cannot occur – see quick diagram.

enter image description here

The quick takeaway is that the object centroids are still equally spaced: due to the vertical alignment shift, this cannot still be true of the shape’s borders; if they were circles, all relative distances would be maintained, as in a circle the horizontal distance from centroid to edge is always the same no matter the rotation applied.

Edit post question being edited and changed in specific requirements:

Illustrator’s Transform Each will work exactly as needed for your chosen use case, retaining top alignment without issue:

enter image description here

And adjunct to seeing @Scott’s comment to my answer, I have added two more clarifying diagrams – Transform Each works as expected, as Scott had initially answered.

First, Transform Each being applied with Preview on:

enter image description here

And subsequent dimensioning of the resultant with appropriate annotation – my earlier answer, combined with Scott’s absolutely correct recommendation of Transform Each gets a reliable, logical result – yay!

enter image description here

Hope this helps.

Source : Link , Question Author : Vikas , Answer Author : GerardFalla

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