Why does this PNG image on twitter look different when clicked?

This morning on twitter there was a tweet with the text “click on this picture”.
When picture is clicked, it’s opened in wider viewer, but looks completely different.

I tried to analyze this picture in ACDSee, and I also tried uploading on Facebook, but it’s happening only when embedded on twitter.
I don’t have much knowledge about graphics so please explain this to me.
Why does this PNG image change only when clicked on Twitter?

Screenshots (left = before clicking; right = after clicking):

Before clicking
After clicking

Here’s the original picture.


The picture doesn’t change. The background color of the page does.

It’s a transparent PNG. The whites are not visible on a white background. The blacks aren’t visible on black background.

The normal post is on white. The modal view is on black.

If you change the background color…


Source : Link , Question Author : dllhell , Answer Author : allcaps

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