Why doesn’t the Pantone Color Finder use same preview color for Coated and Uncoated?

Coated and Uncoated versions of the same Pantone color, if printed on the right paper, should (approximately) obtain the same perceived color.

So, why does the official Color Finder on the Pantone website use 2 different colors for the 2 variants in the preview box?

Wouldn’t it be a more correct approach to use the same preview color for both pages?


A coated Pantone® sample does look different than an uncoated Pantone®. I guess if you’d never seen it in person that this might be hard to imagine. If you can get your hands on an actual color book you’ll see why that is.

Edit: I’m going to add this because it might help people understand in more detail Look at the answer by
go-junta and the picture provided. How do Pantone coated and uncoated colors relate?

enter image description here

I’m going to quote the last bit of their answer

“Printing on uncoated stock generally requires more ink because the
stock is more absorbent. If you have a look at ink sellers, you will
notice their ink estimator will give you different results for the
same quantity of prints; less ink for coated, more ink for uncoated.”

Source : Link , Question Author : genna , Answer Author : LateralTerminal

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