Why is Courier the preferred font in the legal industry?

I watched a video online where a lawyer explained that Courier is the font preferred by both court stenographers (and writers submitting manuscripts), and that it was also the font seen in stenography software even though often it is not necessarily to replicate a font digitally as the medium for printing and viewing should be optimized for the reader.

Is there any evidence that the current use of the font is based on tradition or convention rather than for maximum readability (or if it is even the actual preferred font)?


It is a monospaced font, and these are preferred because it is easier to see if something is added or not to a document.

For example, imagine that this document involves a number 1000 if space is not perfectly defined you could add a 1, 10001 and this is a totally different number.

Sometimes these documents are even filled with slashes—————–
so no text can be added after a period. (Like this one)

Among monospaced fonts, Courrier is the most common, it resembles the typical font used in typewriter machines.

Source : Link , Question Author : Michael Lai , Answer Author : Rafael

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