Why is GIMP’s rendering fonts differently than other applications?

I noticed that if I compare the same font-family and font-size from other applications to GIMP, the output is different.

In the image below, on the left is 8pt Microsoft Sans Serif rendered in Word and Firefox. On the right is the same size and font rendered by GIMP’s text tool (note: anti-aliasing is off).

Not even close

  1. Why is this happening? It’s not even close to the same size. If I up the font size in GIMP (to about 12), the size matches, the the glyphs and spacing do not
  2. Is it normal/expected for different applications to render the same font differently?
  3. Is it normal/expected for the same font to be rendered differently on different operating systems?


This is the text at 8pt, in an image with 96ppi (the common default setting for screen ppi in Windows platforms, the dependency on that has already been mentioned in another answer):

"template", Microsoft Sans Serif 8t @ 96ppi

Looks pretty close to your examples – there are differences of one pixel at most – and that is for the scaled/zoomed versions, we’d have to compare the original sizes.

Source : Link , Question Author : Scribblemacher , Answer Author : Michael Schumacher

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