Why is it called branding ‘collateral’

I use the term from time to time and i just cant get my head around it why is it called branding ‘collateral‘ – in my mind collateral is something you put up as a security, usually in conjunction to a loan ect.

Is there something ive missed here ?


Branding collateral could also be written (with the same meaning) – Collateral to branding.
This is everything that supports the brand. Things like stationery, web-banners, posters, flyers etc.

Collateral is officially defined as:

Situated or running side by side; parallel

So, to this, you can assume that branding collateral is something that runs alongside the branding.

Basically, anything that supports the brand, that isn’t the logo itself is considered Collateral.

Source : Link , Question Author : sam , Answer Author : Dan Hanly

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