Why is my PDF so huge?

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So I’m about to graduate college, and I made a nice resume in Word. I used a kind of fancy tabling system that took me forever (I had no idea what I was doing), and threw in a small touch of color on the headings, converted to a pdf, and promptly lost the original document when my computer crashed. I’m trying to avoid remaking it entirely.

So I have this pdf, and it was perfect except that it said I was looking for an internship, which was inaccurate. So I photoshoped it to say a full-time job, and now it looks perfect.

So I go to upload it to my school’s recruiting server, and it says Max FileSize Exceeded. I check the pdf’s filesize: 35mb. You should have seen my jaw drop.

I really don’t ever use photoshop, or do any sort of editing work. Not my area of expertise.

Can anyone explain why it’s so huge, and is there a way to get it back under 500kb? The pdf has no graphics…except a smattering of very softly shaded table cells.


By saving it from Photoshop you’ve saved an image file rather than merely text and shapes.

So, your PDF is now just one big image. Photoshop may not have been the best tool to edit the PDF with.

You can try flattening the Photoshop file before resaving it. That may reduce the file size.

Optimally you’d want to save a PDF from an application which contains live text.

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