Why is the same image being scaled differently by photoshop and Gimp

I’m learning web optimization. I needed to scale a large image down from over a thousand pixels…
…to 51×72 pixels. I used GIMP, and simply changed the resolution to 72 ppi (naturally, no effect) and the size to height 72 (with the width being constrained to 51 as a result; height was the limiting factor) using the Image>Scale Image Tool:
It looks excessively blurry. My friend did it in photoshop, saying he just did “Resize Image” or such:
I’m not a graphics designer, and have only worked tangentially with such graphics concepts, however image optimization is important for web development, so it would help a lot if I had insight on why these two images are so radically different. I tried Cubic and Linear interpolation as well, to no effect (I’m guessing those are matrix functions that determine the processing of the image whilst scaling, I have no idea otherwise). Is it likely I’m using the wrong tool? Or is it simply that Photoshop costs $$ thus will produce better results?
Thank you in advance for any guesses/answers. I understand if it’s too vague to answer.


All image scaling introduces some blur since pixels are interpolated. You can mitigate this by sharpening the image after the scaling. For instance, just using Gimp Filters>Enhance>Sharpen (unsharp mask) with default values:

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Seraphendipity , Answer Author : xenoid

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