Why JPEG files saved in my digital camera are higher size vs JPEG files saved in my computer?

When I took pictures using my digicam, it saves those on higher size (over 1 MB) JPEG files. What I usually do is that I open them on some image editing application such as Paint (windows) or Preview (Mac) and then save it to another file using a different filename.

I end up having the same quality like the original (although I’m aware its not the same quality anymore) file but only to have it on a smaller size version.

I naturally suck in the graphics field and didn’t have any inclination to learn the details back then, until now that I’m interested on starting a blog.

Could anyone enlighten me on this?


Various possible reasons:

  • you are re-saving the images at a lower resolution. fewer pixels = less data = smaller file size

  • your camera is likely saving JPGs with minimal compression. Your desktop software is using a higher level of JPG compression.

  • Even if your software is using the SAME compression as your camera, each time you re-save a JPG, you lose data due to the lossy compression. So it will still be smaller.

  • your desktop software is stripping out a lot of meta data that the camera attaches to the image.

  • your camera is perhaps NOT saving as JPG, but in RAW format, which is a lot larger than a JPG file.

Source : Link , Question Author : Panoy , Answer Author : DA01

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