Why “numeric” and “letters” text zones are not on the same level and aligned?

I’m very new to the world of graphic design and I was trying to recreate my resume on Adobe InDesign. I created 2 text zones, one with just a year, and an other one with a multiline text and put the two zones side by side.

level difference

As you can see on the image, there is a subtile difference between the zones and as a result, the text is not well aligned. The font is the same and the font height is the same too, I don’t understand how to get rid of that apart from doing it manualy.


Ascenders/Descenders…. text generally has ascenders and descenders. Numerals don’t.

Text requires more recognition in order to be read effectively. Therefore more allotted space is given in the glyph box to accommodate leading and visual separation. In addition, the glyphs for text characters are customarily smaller than the overall glyph box to accommodate ascenders, descenders, diacritics, etc.

Numerals, with the exception of old-style figures, tend to fill the glyph box entirely in most typefaces.

Source : Link , Question Author : Agudolive , Answer Author : Scott

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