Why should I make reponsive templates in Photoshop?

I am a designer and currently working on responsive web templates in Photoshop.
I started to learn responsive designs just now after seeing its market need.
As I am a designer so I started to try in Photoshop, but a developer told me that it’s a developing thing and it can easily be managed using software like Bootstrap (etc).

Now I am a little bit confused.

Do I need to learn this or should I keep designing only Adaptive templates?
Is the market REALLY in need of responsive PSDs?


Responsive Photoshop web templates do not exist. Usually if someone is creating Photoshop templates for a responsive site they are based on the CSS media queries. If you are developing for each media query that is going to be a nightmare if you target up to four devices (mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop, soon to be an addition with Mac’s 5k).

I would suggest using Illustrator artboard for mockups/wireframes based on the media query and learning how to use either Bootstrap or Foundation for developing the code. There are plenty of tutorials and videos on how to create a full page site in Bootstrap. Based on what you’ve stated in your question it would appear you are designing and creating the entire site in Photoshop then sending it to be written in code. This is a waste of time. If you are going to survive in the web market you need to learn how to code and should be designing in the environment the site will live in and that’s the browser.


If you are going to make a template make it in Illustrator and label the arboards:

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

Learn to use character and paragraph styles in Illustrator then you could always navigate to Window -> CSS Properties and export the styles into a CSS document:

enter image description here

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