Why use Fireworks for website design?

I’ve used Photoshop to design (more or less) every website I’ve made in the past 9 or 10 years. I hear people going on about Fireworks saying that it’s excellent for web design and prototyping.

When Adobe took over Macromedia, I was surprised that Fireworks survived so there must be something great about it to keep it going alongside, for what I can see, a very similar program.

Can anybody give me a good outline of the pros and cons of using Fireworks over Photoshop and the differences I’ll need to know about before trying it out?

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I’ll be more interested to hear the little things that people do with it that makes it so useful over having massive articles pasted at me.


I’ve always used Photoshop for my web designs but am going try Fireworks after reading Andre Reinegger’s excellent comparison between the two:


I think the most relevant of his reasons are scaling without distortion, the states panel and the user interface panel.

Source : Link , Question Author : Scott Brown , Answer Author : ajcw

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