Why won’t a font allow embedding in a .pdf? Will it print right anyway?

When I export to PDF from InDesign I keep getting this error message:

“This font could not be embedded due to licensing…The PDF will not be created if the glyphs cannot be represented.”

Yet the PDF still get created and nothing looks different. Is this because I have the fonts installed on my machine? I don’t wanna send this over to the client and they see it differently.


It is because somewhere there is a font which is not licensed to embed in PDFs, just as the warning states.

The PDF will look fine if the font is installed on the system. Therefore it will look okay on your system. However, any system which does not contain the font may not render that particular font properly.

The only way to get around the embedding restriction is to purchase a license which does allow embedding, or to use a different font (which also will allow embedding).

In some cases you can convert type to outlines and remain within the non-embed license. In other cases, a license which restricts embedding the font may also restrict converting the font to outlines. In which case, you’re out of luck.

Source : Link , Question Author : LaLa Lori , Answer Author : Scott

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