Will I need an extra plate to print a tint of black?

I’m scoping a print project that will include one red PMS and black. I’m thinking the print job will be less expensive than a 4C process because there are less plates of color involved. I wanted to add a 3rd color: a 50% tint of black (grey) — will this require a third plate and thus increase the cost of my printing?


If you are printing for example on a sheeted offset, you can use simply a screen. You can print photos or whatever.

You can inclusive print red over the black. That is a duotone.

It will be cheaper only if the print house is using just one or two head machine.

If they are using a 4 head machine its probably that the cost will be the same as cmyk. Probably just a bit cheaper.

On some processes like silk print, there is a chance that the halftone is too rough and not uniform.

On digital printing the cost will be the same.

Source : Link , Question Author : Joseph Ligotti , Answer Author : Rafael

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