Will my web site’s type in the web browser look exactly as it does in Photoshop?

Are there specific web font guidelines to use in Photoshop files for web design? I am having issues with line spacing and fonts not showing correctly in HTML.


I want to make sure my design will look on the web exactly as it does in Photoshop or InDesign

You can’t.

The reason is that there is no one ‘exact’ way your site will work on the web to begin with. Every browser, every operating system, every end-user preferences, every screen, every hardware will bring to the table some variance.

This is why so many people suggest you don’t design web sites fully in Photoshop anymore and instead use Photoshop as a sketching tool, but get your design into markup and CSS as soon as you can. This allows you to design with the variability rather than fight it.

Source : Link , Question Author : D. Coleman , Answer Author : DA01

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