WordPress.org API – Get plugin authors favorite plugins

There have been some recent additions to the WordPress.org plugin repository. Most notably the changes to the plugin page and the author profile page which now shows an authors favorite plugins.

I want to create a sidebar widget plugin that shows a plugin authors favorites. I know how to use the API to get plugin stats and have also read DD32’s API Docs but I don’t believe docs exist on profiles or if a profile API even exists.

I attempted to use wp_remote_get and I am able to get the body html from the profile page but haven’t attempted to try and parse it yet as it seems a way to messy way of going about it. It would be great if I could get the profile in XML or json.

Are there any methods that I’m missing or does a profile API exist?


Ok I have a beta version up on github using the SimpleHTML Dom parser. I don’t think I will be able to get the star ratings but I’m pretty happy with the results as a first go without an API.

WordPress.org does not allow content scraping and will ban you (via @otto). So this is a no go until a public API is released.


Not yet.

Otto said ‘soon’ on Wednesday. But he went to a BBQ this weekend, so ‘soon’ is probably ‘This month.’ 😉


Otto42: @Ipstenu @EricMann I have code to do that, but not deployed yet. Some debate over the best way. It will be there eventually.

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