Work off files locally and then upload to Adobe Creative Cloud?

I have the Adobe Creative Cloud. What’s the best practices for the workflow?

  • Work and save all projects on your local machine at work and only upload files that you think you may need access to in the Creative Cloud?

  • Work and save all projects in the Cloud. Don’t save any files locally, just work in the cloud.


The thing is save things in your creative cloud folder you are ALREADY working locally, and then it SYNCS to the creative cloud servers (and any other computer you have your cloud account linked to). It’s never just on their server. Any backups you have going to your computer should also back up your creative cloud folder.

You should be able to access your creative cloud version even if your internet isn’t working. It’s only the syncing that won’t happen until your connection is back up.

Source : Link , Question Author : user3075987 , Answer Author : Trinidad

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