Working with minimal direction and no feedback from client

I have a client who is “too busy” to provide direction (or even feedback) regarding his new marketing materials. I have brochure cover ideas that are going in vastly different directions. Do I show him and his small group of decision-makers works-in-progress, or do I work up 2 or 3 ideas into a “finished” state and let him pick (and hope that he likes one of the 3 ideas)?

I’m loath to spend huge amounts of time creating polished work that’s going to be rejected and cut into my bottom line.


Well, you could do what Vincent says but if you still want to do the work what i usually do ( i always ask a 50% before starting a project ) is to design 3 different options that are different but make sense with the small information i have ( because the client doesn’t give you more ) and make the presentation or send it by e-mail… after 2 days of no response i call him AND email … after a week call again but this time send an email warning that with the lack of attention the project cant continue and that if he wants to re-take it later ill make a new budget for that.

don’t forget to say that all the work you did and send by email cant be use without your permission.

Source : Link , Question Author : Voxwoman , Answer Author : Cristobal Lemoine

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