Wrapping sheet music into a circle

I have a piece of sheet music i want to wrap around a vinyl center art
whats the best way to do this in photoshop that maintains legibility


If you have a high resolution image, you can apply Photoshop’s Filters > Distort > Polar coordinates to get this:

enter image description here

You start from one horizontal line to get one circular line. The original must be placed in the middle of a square image. It must be rotated 180 degrees and stretched vertically to get wide enough circular score line to clockwise direction.

No stretching will produce distortionless result because the bending will treat lower and upper notes differently. You must experiment and undo, if needed. Start with 200% vertical scaling.

Before applying “polar coordinates” it was this 8200 px x 8200 px image:

enter image description here

Do not expect anything usable in screen resolution.

This method can be applied several times to get more lines. If you need a spiral, you can make an image pattern brush. Illustrator CC and Affinity Designer know it.

If you can retype the score in a music notation program, you very likely can output a vector PDF, which can be splitted and used as a vector pattern brush in Illustrator.

If you can read the example, you see that one circle presents only about 17 seconds of single tone music in medium tempo.

Source : Link , Question Author : thomas wilbrink , Answer Author : user287001

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